The future of metal casting

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In this section you can find:

It's not just what we make,
    it's what we make possible!
1. Technical Information: This section is prepared as a technical and capabilities presentation of our Parts Now service and our DSPC technology. It has two subsections: Introduction and Specifications.
  • Introduction is prepared with a focus on the newcomers. Here you can learn about what we do and how we do it. In addition to technical information you can find answers to frequently asked questions, how to send files (venue and formats) and a demo of how to submit an online request for price quotation.

  • Specifications section addresses the specific capabilities of DSPC, such as the accuracy, repeatability and surface finish of the DSPC made parts. It outlines our different CAD capabilities and the variety of alloys that we cast. You can also find here design recommendations for metal casting as well as what to expect from production casting (sand, permanent and die casting).

  • General Notes, Terms and Conditions defines how we handle your files to define the castings, controlling documentation, notes on casting geometry, machining and finishing.
2. Presentations and Case Studies: approved for presentation by our customers.
3. Request a Quotation: your request will be automatically copied to the sales person who handles your account or the territory that covers your company. (For more details please see our sales page in the general info section).